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(TRACKS WON'T PLAY YET GO TO--> www.ghettoembassy.com to hear for now) My name is Hakeem I have been writing since I was in kindergarten. I won contest but I never really shopped my songs until now.
I would love for you guys to here some songs I did some years ago. Sometimes our path is longer than others, the last delay was do to some police charges filed against me, I was unable to bounce back until now due to all the money I had to spend on Lawyers. I am back, better later than never, I ... (read more)
Tracks By Hakeem/wrath
Pass Dat Shit (This Plays)
Loose Control
Pass Dat Shit
Flow Wit Me
U Ain't Shit
They Must Not Know
Down For What Ever (D.f.w.e)
Ease My Soul
It's Cool
How Hot
I Can't Stand It